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Advent Season of preparation leading up to Christmas Day.
alb (also cassock-alb) A full-length white vestment.
ANZPB A New Zealand Prayer Book
archdeacon A priest appointed by a bishop with administrative responsibility for a specific area.
burse A flat, square, envelope covered in coloured fabric (according to the liturgical season) that is placed on the veil and contains the folded corporal.
canon A clergy person appointed to cathedral chapter.
chalice A cup (preferably of silver or gold) used to administer the wine.
chaplain An ordained person attached to a particular institution (eg hospital, prison, school).
chapter An honorary or governing body attached to a cathedral.
ciborium A silver or gold cup with a lid used to store the wafers.
consecrated To 'consecrate' means to 'bless'. Only a priest may consecrate. Any bread and wine placed on the altar for the duration of the Great Thanksgiving prayer is deemed to have been consecrated.
corporal Large linen square — on which the elements are arranged — placed upside-down on the altar.
credence table A small table located in the sanctuary.
creed A statement of faith.
cruet A vessel containing water or wine.
curate A priest or deacon in training in a parish.
deacon See clergy.
diocese A geographical area overseen by a bishop.
discernment The process of exploring and understanding God's call.
elements The bread and wine.
episcopal Of or pertaining to a bishop.
Eucharist A Greek word meaning 'thanksgiving' that refers to the celebration of the Great Thanksgiving.
Great Thanksgiving Prayer This is the prayer, reserved for priests, that consecrates the bread and wine.
HKMOA He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa (A New Zealand Prayer Book).
Holy Communion Concerning the consecrated bread and wine.
host Alternate name for the consecrated priest's wafer.
Last Supper The meal Jesus shared with the Disciples before his crucifixion
lavabo The ritual washing of the presiding priest's hands at the preparation of the altar.
lectionary A list of Bible readings to be read in a church service according to the church calendar (go here to download a copy).
Lent Season of preparation leading up to Easter Day.
liturgical colours Colours associated with particular seasons and feasts celebrated by the church.
liturgy See worship and liturgy
Lord's Supper Eucharistic celebration
most reverend  Honorary title given to an archbishop.
non-stipended A clergy person who is not paid by the diocese.
officiate To conduct a church service.
orans A liturgical gesture used by a priest when interceding (praying) on behalf of the congregation: arms extended with open palms tilted up.
ordain To make a deacon, priest, or bishop (see  also clergy).
ordinal Book containing ordination liturgies
pall A square, linen cover placed on the paten/host.
paten A plate (typically made of silver or gold) used to hold the Eucharistic bread.
prayer See prayer
president The person who is leading the service. A president may be lay or ordained, but only a presiding priest is permitted to celebrate the Great Thanksgiving Prayer.
Presiding Priest The priest responsible for all sacramental activity in a service of Holy Communion.
priest  A person ordained by the church with the authority to celebrate the sacraments and announce the Church's blessing. See also clergy.
priest's wafer The large wafer broken by the presiding priest during the Great Thanksgiving Prayer.
principal worship service any Sunday service in which the Eucharist is celebrated
PTO Permission to Officiate: a licence issued by a bishop to clergy entitling them to officiate
purificator A small linen cloth used to wipe the chalice and
reserved sacrament The consecrated bread and wine set aside for pastoral purposes.
reverend Honorary title given to deacons and priests 
right reverend Honorary title given to a bishop
rubric An instruction as to how the liturgy is conducted, normally printed in italics.
self-supporting A clergy person who is not paid by the diocese.
stipended A clergy person paid by a diocese
Te Maramataka A list of Bible readings to be read in a church service according to the church calendar.
veil A piece of coloured fabric matching the burse and arranged over the pall.
venerable Honorary title given to an archdeacon.
vicar A priest appointed to a parish who represents the bishop.
vocation A divine calling to exercise a ministry.
worship See worship and liturgy .

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