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Worship & Liturgy

"worship is the response of the people of God to the presence of God"
(A New Zealand Prayer Book - He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa, page xiv)

"Worship is the highest activity of the human spirit."
(A New Zealand Prayer Book - He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa, page xv)

Worship is an expression of our love for God: an attempt to engage with the source of all things, to give thanks and praise, and to acknowledge our place in the created universe. When we worship we reorient ourselves to our Creator.

In the Anglican Church worship takes many forms. We invite you to explore our different churches, talk to the communities, and discover for yourself the many ways in which we worship God. For a list of parishes in the Diocese please click here.

"Liturgy describes the People of God. Liturgy expresses who we believe we are in the presence of God. Liturgy reveals the God whom we worship. Liturgy reflects our mission."
(A New Zealand Prayer Book - He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa, page xiii)

The Eucharistic liturgies (or Holy Communion services) used in the Diocese are derived from traditions that stretch back to the earliest church practices. While the language reflects our contemporary context, the structure is ancient. When we join together as the Body of Christ to worship we go on a journey together that prepares and nourishes us for our mission in the world. The biblically rich language calls us to:

  • Gather in the name of the Lord
  • Acknowledge who we are and what we've done
  • Proclaim the Gospel and respond to it
  • Pray for the World, the Church, our communities and ourselves
  • Affirm our faith
  • Reconcile and make peace
  • Receive Holy Communion 

This activity engages us in the Gospel and calls us to service.

Although services of Holy Communion are our principal worship services we offer many other prayers to God. Parishes provide Taize-style worship and a rhythm of daily prayer alongside art exhibitions and contemporary Christian music. Again, we invite you to explore the variety and depth that our Anglican churches have to offer.

May God bless you as you worship.

liturgical resources

For more information on liturgy and resources click here.

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